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Thinking of buying from Cougar Cricket?

Cougar Cricket has various payment methods for buying cricket gear from Cougar Cricket. In an effort to keep costs down and pass the savings onto our customers we've split the process into 2 alternative approaches.

1 - The cheapest and way for you to buy your gear from cougar cricket is to use the order enquiry form or the "buy now without credit card" buttons located on all the product pages of the site. Using this form works through an e-mail process and you have the option of paying via Direct Deposit, Money Order, Bank Cheque, Cash on Delivery or Personal Cheque.

2 - If you wish to purchase with a credit card which is the quickest and easiest then you can make use of the PayPal shopping cart feature. Look for the "Add to cart - Buy with credit card" button. Add and remove items from your shopping cart as you see fit then proceed to the secure online checkouts of PayPal. You don't need to already have a free Paypal account to make a purchase. Please note this process incurs a 2.4% surcharge. For more information about Paypal please visit

International buyers must use paypal